How Sex Toys For Women Changed The Life Of 6 Indian Ladies

Ever experienced a mind-blowing orgasm? If the answer is yes, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Incredibly, a recent study revealed that as many as 75% of women go their entire lives without experiencing an orgasm. But what so many fail to realise is that the key to experiencing incredible orgasms for life could lie in simple yet hugely effective sex toys for women.

Understandably, getting started with sex toys for women for the first time can seem a little strange, perhaps even uncomfortable. Nevertheless, it’s almost unheard of for a woman to bring sex toys into her life and not continue to use them on a regular basis.

So if you’ve been thinking of taking the plunge but need a gentle nudge in the right direction, here’s a quick look at how six Indian ladies’ lives were transformed by sex toys:

Kavya, Chennai – 34, Single, Data Analyst

My schedule barely leaves me with enough time to eat and sleep. Suffice to say therefore, dating was and still is the least of my priorities. Although for someone with my kind of sex drive, this poses a bit of a problem.

Or at least it did, until I picked up my first silicone vibrator. A glass of wine, some relaxing music and an hour all to myself suddenly turned into one of the most memorable hours of my entire life! Since then, I’ve upgraded to a whole bunch of toys and ‘power tools’ the likes of which I don’t think I could live without!

Nityapriya, Mumbai – 35, Married, Sales Manager

I always thought that sex toys existed exclusively for singles. Nevertheless, my friend recommended that I try bringing a simple vibrator into the bedroom on the upcoming anniversary I would be sharing with my husband.

To be honest, I was terrified at first. To such an extent that when I took it out, I tried to claim it was a bit of a joke. Well, I can honestly say that he thought all of his birthdays had come at the same time. We had the most amazing night together and it wasn’t long before he started bringing all manner of weird and wonderful devices into the bedroom. And I’m glad he did – our sex life has never been better or more adventurous.

Manisha, New Delhi – 20, Single, University Student

I bought a vibrator for the first time simply because I was sick to the back teeth of my friends telling me how amazing their orgasms were. Annoying to be constantly reminded of what I was missing out on. I wasn’t sure I’d ever experienced an orgasm before, which was confirmed the first time I used my trusty lipstick-sized vibrator.

I genuinely cannot believe the neighbours didn’t complain…the noises that came out of me were borderline ridiculous. Topped only by my squeals of excitement when I brought it out next time I spent an evening with my boyfriend. He now knows exactly what to do and how to do it to send me to an entirely new planet.

Preyasi, Bangalore – 31, Married, Housewife

It was one of these ‘Rabbit’ type things and the shape had me baffled at first.  For about 10 seconds, anyway – turns out these things are absolute dynamite!  Not only did I have the most explosive orgasm I have ever experienced, but the fact that it was at least technically thanks to him gave him the kind of satisfaction you could read all over his smug face!

Kali, Kolkata – 28, Single, Marketing Executive

My job includes a lot of travelling, which although enjoyable enough doesn’t give me any kind of time for relationships. In fact, I never spend long enough in any place to even get into the local dating scene. Suffice to say, I therefore also spend a lot of time horny and alone!

I’d always seen sex toys as a little on the ‘dirty’ side, but finally decided to cave in one evening after a few too many glasses of champagne. I picked one up from a 24-hour sex shop, checked back into the hotel and summarily had the worst night’s sleep of my life. Also one of the best nights of my life – hour after hour experiencing the multiple orgasms I didn’t believe existed!

Jagadamba, Hyderabad – 25, Married, Sales Director

I’ve always found it pretty easy to orgasm and so didn’t think there was much to gain by trying out sex toys. Still, I was given one as a ‘joke’ gift at my bachelorette party before getting married and initially thought nothing of it.  Then I tried it.

As it turned out, the orgasms I had been experiencing before were no more than a 2 on the scale. Remote control in hand, I became the master of my own explosive orgasms with the kind of intensity I never before realised existed!