Some industries and professions like to think of themselves as truly international and mobile. They are thought of that way by other people. But no industry or profession that I have ever come across (if you will pardon the pun) is actually as international – global in fact – as the sex industry, or the adult industry if you prefer. Basically, the world of escorts, prostitutes, and escort agencies. I have worked in a lot of businesses, professions and trades, lots of which think they truly international because a small proportion of their management team move around a little bit from time to time. Or maybe they have lots of international suppliers and customers. But none of that comes close to the way the sex industry is international.

The sex industry is also the most truly free market and capitalistic market that I have ever experienced. I am a keen reader of Ayn Rand (a great philosopher though a God-awful writer) and a genuine libertarian. I think that adults should be able to do anything that they want to themselves and to each other as long as everyone consents. You will note that I exclude children and animals of course! It seems that I am a natural to set up and run escort agencies . Free competition between agencies, and between escort girls to win the best clients and market share is the purest form of free market. The best escorts Ibiza has to offer may or may not be as good as escorts in other cities, but that is not the point of the free market. Who is the “best” is determined by what (who) is most appropriate for the market and “all the traffic that the market can allow”.

Let me exclude the United States of America from this conversation because their politically motivated laws and the actions of their politically motivated and controlled law enforcement agencies make it impossible for the sex industry to operate efficiently or even humanely as a free market. I can think of nothing more immoral that the idea of the “land of the free” and the “home of capitalism” trying to drive people willingly participating in a business underground and forcing the industry into the hands of criminals and exploiters.