The Irony Of Sex And The Eighties

And then the CIA used the money from the drug sales to finance their illegal war in Nicaragua and the rest of Central America. The drugs came into the States after stopping to refuel in Panama, where President Manuel Noriega ran his little logistics and money laundering business masquerading as a country. And he was an ally and friend of the US right up until the scheme was discovered and stopped by the press and Senate. At which point, he suddenly became a drug dealing monster who had to be taken out by the righteous might of the US war machine.

Oh, and after leaving Panama the drugs landed in Arkansas, where a certain Bill Clinton was Governor. In between shagging anyone and everyone with a pulse that would have sex with him. And if he visited Malaga he presumably would have been humping the kind of woman who escorts Malaga visitors. Especially high profile and prestigious ones. But he couldnt even work out how to inhale on a joint, so that was alright then.

And meanwhile on the other side of the world the peace loving Soviet Union launched the only deliberate invasion that they staged during the communist era (they just did not give the Baltic States and Eastern Europe back after they kicked the Germans out). And they invaded a communist third world country on their borders. Yes, the only explicit land grab by the communists was of a communist country. Hey, it was the eighties.

They were pissed that their communist dictator had been deposed by a communist dicttor with a slightly different , so they invaded Afghanistan and And after a decade and twenty thousand dead they realised that perhaps there was a reason that Afghanistan had not been invaded by anyone since Alexander the Great. And he only stayed for a few months on his way down to India.

And the British and Americans continued the same world beating strategy of executing the war on drugs by arming, training and supporting the worlds largest producers of heroin. Who also just happened to grow the best marijuana in the world. But overnight they went from being communist supported communist war lord drug dealers to being brave freedom loving freedom fighters seeking to rid their homeland of communism. So that was alright then.