You have heard all about them; The Global War On Terror, the wonderful ambiguity of The War On Drugs (I know lots of special forces guys who fought their war on drugs. They spent most of their time in Iraq and Afghanistan on amphetamines). Well it seems that now lots of the “civilised” world intends to fight a War On Sex. Damn. Do politicians and policy makers really not understand that this stuff does not work? The War on Terror has hardly been a success. Islamist terrorism has done less damage to Europe and the United States in the past decade than previously it is true. Terrorists are reduced to using trucks and knives instead of bombs – Manchester aside. But globally it has metastasised horribly into every part of the globe. The War On Drugs has been so wonderfully successful that Mexican multi drug cartels have to weight their un-laundered cash in eighteen ton lorries as there is so much of it.

And fresh from the sex of this, they are now trying to make sex work illegal. Especially the hypocritical pigs in the United States – the home, let us remember, of the porn industry – who are passing bills such as FOSTA and SESTA to ban prostitution under the guise that all sex work must be forced labour and part of human trafficking. After all, no woman would ever become a Las Palmas escort of her own free will, would she? Well I did, and so did lots of my friends. But maybe we are kidding ourselves and there was actually some dark force behind us making us do things against our will, forcing us underground into illegality?

Yes there was. The law as it stands in the United States and much of Europe – though Europe has been much more enlightened, it is danger of becoming less so thanks to idiots. Selling sex for a money is one of the two oldest professions and I was happy to get into the trade for sound economic reasons. It pays about ten times more than any other job I can get. But the laws in various countries then force me into illegality against my will. It is hard to pay cash into the banks without getting flagged, as they assume that if you pay in a hundred there must be a thousand undeclared. So even if you try to be above board and totally legal you end up in grey areas and skirting the law anyway just for an easy life.