I guess the answer to that question would have to start with the appalling catch-all get-out clause “it depends”. If you are talking to the thousands of enthusiastic golfers of both sexes (but let us face it, mainly men) that pour into the Costa Del Golf via Malaga airport every year, then Marbella and the whole Costa Del Sol area is about golf. With over 50 golf courses of variable but usually excellent standard, from San Roque and Alcaidesa at the Western side to Baviera Golf at the eastern end, the Costa Del Sol is a regular source of golfing pilgrimage for many golfers, especially those from Norther Europe who are also attracted by in excess of 300 days a year of sunshine. The green fees are also relatively low for the quality of courses and facilities. Obviously competition has a good deal to do with this.

Of course, when large groups of men go “on tour” there is always going to be the danger (or explicit plan) of things moving rapidly downhill into something approaching the debauchery in the movie “The Hangover” which stars Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis and follows their adventures with…well, watch the movie. But suffice it to say that as well as the golf courses, Marbella escort agencies such as Marbella Beauties from The Marbella Escort Agency and 2nd Circle Escorts Marbella are kept pretty busy putting a nice shine onto golfers balls!

If it is bling or designer related or associated with glamour then the kind of people who love Marbella will love it too, or bring it with them. So the sports clubs and activities around Marbella are more focused on sports with perceived social cache. So golf, tennis, water sports, yachting are hot in Marbella and the surrounding area. And shopping and clubbing are always hot and cool. Looking good, being seen with the right people, wearing the right clothes, putting on the right front. That is what is popular in Marbella. Everything else is just a subset. Bring on the bling and you will have captured the Marbella mind set. It really is as easy to predict as that.